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Romantic Textualies: Literature and Print Culture, 1780-1840
(formerly Cardiff Corvey: Reading the Romantic Text)

Call for Papers:

As of Issue 15, Cardiff Corvey: Reading the Romantic Text carries the new title Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture, 1780-1840, in order to reflect its widening remit and international presence. Romantic Textualities is a fully peer-reviewed academic journal, which appears on a biannual basis in the Summer and Winter of each year. This periodical is only as substantial as the material it contains: therefore, we more than welcome any contributions that members of the academic community might wish to make.

Romantic Textualities carries 3 types of submitted publications:

Articles we would be most interested in publishing include those addressing Romantic literary studies with an especial slant on book history, textual and bibliographical studies, the literary marketplace and the publishing world, and so forth. Submissions for articles (5-8,000 words) should be sent to the Editor (

We also supply reports on ongoing research, in the form of author studies, snapshots of research, bibliographical checklists, and so on. This material is not peer-reviewed, but provides a useful platform for scholars to disseminate information about their collaborative or individual research projects. Submissions for reports should be sent to the Editor (

As of Issue 15, the journal carries reviews of recent publications relating to Romantic literary studies. In the first instance, publishers of suitable texts or potential contributors should contact the Reviews Edito (

Any essays supplied for prospective publication will be seriously considered, undergoing a process of assessment by members of the Romantic Textualities Advisory Board: Peter Garside (Chair, Edinburgh); Jane Aaron (Glamorgan), Stephen Behrendt (Nebraska), Emma Clery (Sheffield Hallam), Benjamin Colbert (Wolverhampton), Ed Copeland (Pomona College), Caroline Franklin (Swansea), Isobel Grundy (Alberta), David Hewitt (Aberdeen), Gillian Hughes (Stirling), Claire Lamont (Newcastle), Robert Miles (Stirling), Rainer Schoewerling (Paderborn), Christopher Skelton-Foord (Durham), Kathryn Sutherland (Oxford).

You can see the latest issue of Romantic Textualities (no. 15, Winter 2005) online by visiting
Anthony Mandal (Editor)


Dr A A Mandal ( )

Centre for Editorial & Intertextual Research, Cardiff School of
English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University, Humanities
Building, Colum Drive, Cardiff CF10 3EU (

'Cardiff Corvey: Reading the Romantic Text' [ISSN 1471-5988]

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Samuel Palmer at the Met

Exhibtion at New York's Metropolitan Museum: "Samuel Palmer (1805-1881): Vision and Landscape." March 7-May 29, 2006.

An audio file on the exhibit is available here.

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KSAA Mentoring Project

The Keats-Shelley Association of America announces the second year of its three-year Mentoring Project. This project is designed to aid younger members of the profession in the crucial early stages of their careers by increasing the exchange of scholarly expertise and practical professional information between junior and senior scholars. If a senior scholar (who has earned tenure) would like to be a mentor (for one protégé), he or she should notify the Mentoring Committee, outlining briefly for us his or her range of scholarly or professional areas of expertise (e.g., Charlotte Smith, grant writing). Junior scholars who have earned the Ph.D. but not yet received tenure can request a mentor by describing their own scholarly interests and professional concerns. All offers and requests should be submitted by April 2. The Mentoring Committee of the KSAA will match prospective mentors with prospective protégés in late April. Mentors and protégés commit to one year of conversation (vocal, written, and/or electronic).

A full description of the Project, prepared for its inaugural year, can be found on the Keats-Shelley Association Website:

If you would like to participate, have questions, or would like the current
full description, contact Gina Luria Walker,

The Keats-Shelley Association Mentoring Committee:
Gina Luria Walker (Chair)
Alan Richardson

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Conference: Romanticism, Environment, Crisis

Announcing a conference: "Romanticism, Environment, Crisis," 23-27 June 2006, University of Wales, Aberystwyth. The conference highlights the continuing urgency of the Romantic text at a time when changes in our biosphere threaten to realize Romanticism's prophetic anxieties, its darkest imaginings.

Plenary Speakers: Lawrence Buell, Cheryll Glotfelty, James C. McKusick, George Monbiot, Kate Soper.

Conference homepage:
Richard Marggraf Turley
Co-director, Centre for Romantic Studies
University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Co-organizer, Damian Walford Davies

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Gothic Nightmares at Tate Britain

Through May 1 Tate Britain, London, is presenting an exhibition on "Gothic Nightmares," with a special focus on Fuseli and Blake. Here's the museum's own page about the exhibit and here's a review in The Guardian. Here's another in The New York Times (may require reogstration).

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Coleridge Summer Conference

The Coleridge Summer Conference 20-26 July 2006. For the Call for Papers and the latest information on Speakers, Conference Arrangements, and Funding Opportunities, including the new Charles Lamb Society Bursaries, please go to the conference page at the Friends of Coleridge Website..

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New at RC for the New Year

New resources this month at Romantic Circles include Shelley Sites/Sights, a pictorial essay of locations associated with Shelley, Fictions of Byron: An Annotated Bibliography, edited by G. Todd Davis, and two new volumes in the Praxis Series, Gothic Technologies, edited by Robert Miles, and Historicizing Romantic Sexuality, edited by Richard Sha. At the Poets on Poets MP3 archive and podcast this week, Robert Thomas reads Keats's "On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer."

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Poets on Poets: Sadoff reading Blake; Byron MS found

This week, after a short holiday, Romantic Circles' Poets on Poets series publishes Ira Sadoff reading Blake's "London." (Also available via free subscription as a podcast.)

"A librarian at University College London has discovered a previously unknown manuscript version of a poem by Lord Byron during a routine cataloguing session. The 12-line poem was inscribed in the front of a copy of an 1810 edition of The Pleasures of Memory by Samuel Rogers, which had been given to the poet by the author."

(see the rest of this article in the Guardian).

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