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William Taylor of Norwich: A Study of the Influence of Modern German Literature in England (1897)

August, 2007
This is a critical biography of William Taylor of Norwich (1765-1836), translated from the German of Georg Herzfeld (1897), with additional introduction and notes. Translated by Astrid Wind, edited with an introduction by David Chandler.

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This essay introduces the Romantic-period political reformer and polymath John Thelwall and takes stock of his rapid critical renaissance over the past decade. The announcement of a new archival find, a copy of a seventeenth-century play owned and annotated by Thelwall, serves to highlight the range of his interests and activities. Presenting Thelwall as a leading representative of “romantic sociability,” I situate him within wider social and intellectual networks than have hitherto been mapped, and I raise questions about the coherence and continuity of his diverse pursuits—literary, political, and scientific—that demand further attention. My brief overview of the essays collected here emphasizes how they address those questions, engaging with one another, with existing Thelwall scholarship, and with Romantic studies more generally. This introduction also sets forth the rationale for the volume as part of the larger project John Thelwall: Recovery and Reassessments (forthcoming) and explains why Romantic Circles is an especially appropriate venue for that project’s efforts to advance Thelwall studies by reconnecting text, voice, and image in the dynamic way for which Thelwall himself was renowned.
September 2011

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423. George Bloomfield to W. Weston, [c. 1830] 

September, 2009


1. Robert Bloomfield to William Austin, 11 April 1788 

September, 2009


'FRIENDLY HINTS AFFECTIONATELY ADDRESSED, BY AN OLD MAN TO THE LABOURING POOR OF SUFFOLK AND NORFOLK: Occasioned by reading the Accounts of the poor deluded Men who have suffered at Norwich and Ipswich, for burning Corn Stacks, &c.' 

September, 2009


Lines Written at Norwich On The First News of Peace

September, 2004

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Lines Written at Norwich
On The First News of Peace

Amelia Opie
Poems by Mrs. Opie (1802), pp. 81-86
The European Magazine, LXII (July 1802), pp. 43-44

What means that wild and joyful cry?
Why do yon crowds in mean attire
Throw thus their ragged arms on high?
In want what can such joy inspire?


Vol 3. No. 5 - Index

February, 2005



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