Dead Man

"Johnny Depp plays an accountant from Cleveland named William Blake. He travels into a surreal western landscape where he meets a Crow Indian named 'Nobody' (an equivalent of the Crow name with which he had been branded, meaning something like 'he who talks loudly, but says nothing'). Nobody takes him for a reincarnation of the great English poet whose 'words of power' he had read in London as a boy where he had been taken as a captive.

Haunted Summer

"Laura Dern as Claire Clairmont (which would you least want to be pursued by, Byron and PBS or a clutch of velociraptors?), Eric Stoltz as PBS, Alice Krige as MWGS" —A. Richardson.

"Alex Winter (Bill of Bill & Ted fame) as Byron's excellent doctor" —W. Jewett.

"Alice Krige as MWS!!! I get a distinct sense of satisfaction from the idea that the woman who played the Borg Queen also played the woman who gave us Frankenstein." —M. Sites.


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