Flat headed, yellow, dressed in a black suit coat with square clunky shoes and too-short pants a creature stands hands stretched out at his sides with palms outstretched behind him. He stands on a yellow stony walk with dying shrubbery and grass. Behind him, a grey stormy sky hands over a yellow stoned castle with a round tower and gothic windows. The title appears in large yellow letters, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley underneath in red, and “The original 1818 text” with editor information below in white each separated by a thin line.


Painting: Tintern Abbey by Moonlight. A single figure stands beneath a large arc in the courtyard of a fallen church looking outwards to a once impressive stained glass window that now stands alone within its wall now a lonely frontispiece. The scene is illuminated by silvery moonlight that lights up the walls of the courtyard but shrouds the ground is complete shadow. The title and Mary Shelley appear in a blue banner at the top of the cover.


A bright moon in the upper righthand corner shines across a black sky with dark blue clouds that mist around the branches of a dark tree and two towers of a castle in the opposite corner. Birds soar across the sky outlined by the moonlight. Two, small, bright green lights in the castle portend the presence of someone at home. The title appears at the bottom in a cloudy box ina dark italic script.


A dark red sunset, or even what could be flames, reaches out across an otherwise black sky from behind two towers of a tall, foreboding, castle on a hill. The stone castle’s towers are both black, but it’s front is a dark gray the melds into the rocky precipice it rests on alone. The title and author’s name are at the top, one above the other, with information about an introduction right below.


A strangely teal and purple clouded sky, perhaps at sunset, hangs over a castle shrouded in dark purple shadows despite the bright clouds above it. The castle is surrounded by shrubbery, but stands out on the landscape, however, a few lighted windows reveal it is not completely abandoned. Mary Shelley’s name appears above the title, slightly smaller. Both are written in a gothic script but the title is significantly larger and highlighted by a white border around black letters. “Unabridged” appears right below it.


Ruins of an abbey covered in a light snowfall under a yellow/pink sky as if it were dawn. Looking out of a deprit archway from a foyer towards even more ruins the place is empty and desolate, left behind to fall apart. The title and author's name are in a bright red box in white lettering. Information about the forward is right underneath in its own black box.


Painting: The Abbey in the Oakwood. In a dark landscape with a dark pink glow bare trees surround the ruins of a stone doorway reaching out of the dark, impenetrable horizon, into the lighter sky that fades back to black at the top. ‘Shelley’ appears in large electric cursive at the bottom of the cover the title is in a little bar above that in normal lettering.


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