The right side of a man’s face from the nose up appears out of a black background so the only visible part of him is his eye. The eye, which seems to be the source of the light of the portrait is a light green and has an extremely small pupil under a furrowed brow that could be expressing fear or anger. At the bottom of the portrait Mary Shelley’s name appears in white letters standing out against the black background. Under the portrait a white background houses the title in light green print under the author’s name.


A heavily scarred and marked face as if it were caked with mud appears leering out of a dark. While the viewer looks down at the face at an angle the face’s eyes look up at the viewer with a menacing gaze. The whites of the eyes stand out starkly against the black and white face and shadowed brow. Right underneath them a green banner with the title, subtitle, and Mary Shelley’s name appear.


An extreme close up of a human eye is centered on a white background. The eye’s portrait shows a menacing furrowed expression even within the limited view of the face. Despite the eye looking away from the viewer it has a significantly concentrated gaze. Mary W. Shelley and the title are located on the white background MWS’s name is above the title which appears in smaller italics in a faint orange print.


The lower half of the cover is on fire with flames taking over both Mary Shelley’s name along the bottom and the the title in the center. After the title the flames give way to a black background wherein two red rimmed grey eyes loom peering sideways at the top of the cover. While most of the face is hidden within the dark background a gray, scarred, forehead is visible within the shadows. “a macabre Gothic tale...written with an enormous emotional power”


An extreme close up of the palm of a human hand. The hand is darkly shadowed along the lines of the palm but it is easy to see all the individual lines and crevices on it. The title and Mary Shelley are positioned vertically along the left side. The title takes up the whole side while the author’s name is much smaller.


Abstract hands reach out from the bottom border. The hands are outlined in black and are very hairy, but sutured together with red stitches. The fingers or each hand are stubby and curled as if reaching out to grab onto something or trying to escape. One red fingernail stands out on the left hand while three black fingernails appear on the right. Mary Shelley, in black, and the title, in red, appear in the lower left corner.


A human hand and forearm appears partially flayed on a black background with the ligaments torn away from the bone and arranged so they look like they are floating in the space around the arm. The dark red muscle stands out against the pale skin still on the bony fingers of the dangling hand. Mary Shelley’s name is in large print with the title underneath in their own box on top of the picture.


Skeletal jaws with bits and pieces of musculature float on a black background. While grotesque, the bones and muscles are elegantly arranged in almost romantic poses. The title and Mary Shelley’s name are in a dark orange box in white print, one above the other, and the introduction is listed below.


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