A blue and black wood print type portrait takes up the cover. The face, has a large forehead, heavy brow, sunken eyes and a tight mouth. One white dot in the right eye stands out. A black banner is on the bottom edge has the title and Mary Shelley in white gothic print next to each other underneath is information about the introduction.


A large floating head is placed in a sky at either dusk or dawn with dark blues and light yellows. The face, a dark grey, has a heavy brow and sunken eyes, a large square forehead and short dark hair, but otherwise looks normal. It watches over the silhouette of a large building, house or castle, with one lighted window. The title appears in white print across the forehead and Mary Shelley right under it.


An abstract squiggle of black lines makes up the square chest and shoulders of a large creature. On top of the squiggle rests a yellowish head, flat and square with bolts coming out of it’s brain above the ears and dark sunken eyes underneath a heavy brow. Mary Shelley appears in purple print on the top edge and the title appears underneath in a stenciled print.


“He’s back in the blood-chilling flesh! The Real Frankenstein” appears at the top with the title in large yellow print in a red jagged banner. Underneath, a large portrait of a creature appears on a dark red background. The creature is flat headed with dark, short, hair and long square face with dark grey skin. He has a long scar on one side of his forehead and metal plates around his scalp holding it on. His brow is heavy, and his eyes are downcast and sad. Two bolts stick out of his neck above a dark coat.


Running from the black, red, orange, and yellow fiery sky behind him a creature stumbles along a mountainous rocky path his hand outstretched to the rocks to steady himself. The creature, tall and lean, but muscular, is dressed in rags. His hair is half bald and the rest has thin wispy black hair that reaches down to his shoulders. His brow is furrowed over small eyes and a fleshy face.


A crouched figure mostly hidden in shadow takes up most of the cover. The body is heavily scarred and stitched together along various seams. The skin is a sallow, dirty flesh color and covered in filth. A hand covers the face and pushes back black uneven hair. Skulls are scattered around the feet and thigh. Mary Shelley appears in small white print followed by the title in small red print and information about the introduction.


A black and white print of a figure leaning back on the floor with his legs splayed out in front of him over a skeleton lying half covered by a sheet on the floor. The man is muscular and has long black hair. A book is splayed open on the floor next to the skeleton’s skull and a large gothic window and wall reaches up above the figure and bones. A black box superimposed on the picture hold the title and subtitle. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley is printed on a somewhat transparent white banner across the picture in black.


The cover has a dark blue background with a gold border around all of it. At the top edge and center is a small portrait of a creature. The figure has ghostly skin, long wavy dark hair, and dark sunken eyes above pronounced cheek bones. It stands with one hand clenched in front of it and one at its side. It is dressed in a long blue scarf and brown shirt. Underneath, the title sits in gold print on the blue background framed by two gold flourishes above and below it. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley appears on the bottom edge, smaller, and white.


Painting: Armand Guillaumin: Self Portrait. A portrait of a man is centered on a blue background. The painting itself has a grey background and the man from head to upper waist appears in a dark suit. His face has dark, sunken eyes, dark hair that fans out above his face a full beard down to his chest and mustache. Above the portrait in black print at the title and Mary Shelley.


Slanted, white eyes appear in a black and white portrait of a man’s square, bald, face. The drawing is abstract so the eyes, nose, and forehead line are the only features. The title appears at the top in white in relief against the black background and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley is underneath, smaller.


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