A lumpy, scarred yellow and red portrait of a creature takes up most of the cover. His head is half bald and dark wispy hair covers the rest. His eyes are small, but open and bright, his nose large and red, his mouth uneven with small teeth poking out. He is dressed in jacket with a thin scarf around his neck. Although ugly, he looks almost dignified with a straight posture and good lighting. The title appears vertically along the right edge in green in a white banner. Mary Shelley is underneath, horizontal, on the bottom edge.


A heavily scarred face dominates the cover. The eyes and mouth are very small compared to the large, fleshy face they are on. Dark unkempt and uneven hair falls across the face and down to the shoulders. The title appears in jagged orange print and “the graphic novel” underneath in white.


Out of a dark background a face appears in 3/4 profile. It is sacred around the eyes, nose, and upper lip. Its skin is a mottled green and yellow as if half rotten. The eyes, one shut with a heavy, scarred lid, one open are pale and almost clear. The title appears in white across the forehead and Mary Shelley along the bottom edge, smaller.


On a completely black background an oval portrait hold outlined in white shows the black and white picture of a creature’s head and chest. The figure is heavily scarred with deep marks in his chest and face making him look rotten and torn apart. His nose is completely fleshless, his eyes small and sunken, his hair long, thin, and lank. One hand reaches up to his forehead in a fist as if to try and hide himself from the light. The title appears above the portrait in white gothic script.


A face peers out in front of a stone wall in a black and green drawing. The face has large eyes sunk back into dark sockets and scars along its upper lip and sunken cheek. Three deep pock marks, or additional scars appear in the center if its forehead, right under its eye, and on the corner of its mouth on the chin. The hair, thin and lank hangs down over its ears down to its tied kerchief and jacket collar. The title and subtitle and “The 1818 text” appears at the top in white gothic print, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley is placed in the lower left corner in smaller white print.


A figure stands, his head to his knees visible, on the cover on a blue and yellow sky. His skin is green, black wisps of hair trial behind him in the wind. He is dressed in a raggy shirt, vest, and pants almost indistinguishable from his skin. Large red scars are visible on his massive hand and arm held at his side as he leans back from the viewer. His face is ugly and his mouth is open almost in a laugh. The title appears in the sky by his head with Mary Shelley underneath, smaller, in a wiggly creepy script.


In abstract shapes of blue, green, and pink a face takes shape. the features are square, made more so by the artwork, the mouth grim, eyes small and heavy lidded. The hair is cut short, black, and on the forehead four metal strips are attached to the face, holding it together. Two bolts stick out from the neck. The background is a dark orange that holds the title, floating in an arc above the head, in a bright green.


Ashen and pale a face appears out of a black background. It is very square with a flat head, lank black bangs over a too large forehead, sunken eyes under heavy lids. Two bolts come out of his neck right above his grey suit lapels. His skin is smooth, almost plastic or marble, but expressionless. Mary W. Shelley is at the top in white print with the title underneath, larger.


Pink, purple, and yellow bursts of colors emanate flames surrounding bare trees and branches that appear all over the cover. In the middle of them, a figure runs from something. his head, flat and full of thick black uneven hair, his hands outstretched as if to steady himself, and dressed in a raggy long black cloak, shirt and pants. The title appears in red at the top with Mary Shelley below, smaller, in red.


A green, stitched, scarred, flat headed creature in brown coat and shirt runs his hand outstretched down a hill. He is ugly with uneven eyes, a slitted nose, and thick uneven lips open in distress. Two metal bolts stick out of his neck. Behind him, another man in deerstalker and cape hides behind a bare tree perched on a grassy hill. A gray sky and blue mountains make up the horizon. The title appears in black gothic script along the top of the cover.


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