Lightning flashes in a dark sky outside a window. Inside, a man sits with his head resting on his hand looking down and away hunched over his desk full of a skull and vials of liquid. Behind him is a large orb emitting some kind of yellow electricity. The man, well dressed has a furrowed, worried face and his hair pushed back by his fingers escapes across his brow. Looming over the scene a giant flat headed and scarred face looks passively ahead. The head’s eyes are slightly sunken, its hair black and uneven, and its skin is a black grey.


A large face floats, half obscured, in a completely black background. The face, ghostly white, is a gory representation of a human head. The eye, sunken back into a black socket is an empty white orb the nose is fleshless, and the mouth has pointed teeth and curled lip. It has no hair anywhere and its ear sticks out to the side. The title appears in red at the top of the cover and Mary Shelley appears in red, but smaller, in the lower right corner.


A hairy figure with long, thin limbs, and naked body runs across a dark field. Its face is hard to decipher, but it has dark sockets and features also covered in hair. A row of trees obscures a bright moon the hangs in a dark blue sky. The image fades into a white that matches the border of the cover. The title appears across the top in white print and Mary Shelley below it, smaller, in light blue.


A hunched over figure, half in shadow, with yellow screen sits on some kind of step. While its naked back is towards the viewer the face is turned around to look behind it. Caught in the odd yellow light it looks like a skull surrounded by dark hair. A crescent moon hangs in the sky above the figure in a sky that fades from black to a weird yellow glow. The picture is placed on a cover whose background is a slightly transparent version of the picture with a close up of the face on the upper right.


A fat monster dressed in poofy pants with one sprig of hair sticking straight up out of its head stands, ugly, hunched over on top of a grey grassy hill. The creature's head is far too small for the rest of its large, fat, body and facial features are hard to distinguish in the completely grey pallette. Mountains are in the background and faint tinge of green separates them from the hill in the foreground. Mary Shelley appears in white at the top and the title in green and slightly larger appears underneath it. Info about the illustrator appears on the bottom.


A red border surrounds a surreal picture. A little more than half a face appears on the right border. It looks normal, but it mottled green and flesh colored spots. The eyes are thin and stare straight ahead. A skull is superimposed on the left cheek, jawless. The background is a hazy green with what looks like a forest scene although it is unclear. On the bottom edge a red creeps in along with various hands and limbs poking up from the bottom of the picture.


Inside a laboratory of books, vials, and a single bright skull a face looms in front of a window showing the bright blue of dusk or dawn. The face is half hidden, but it has grey skin and a sunken, hairless, eye. Deep creases are along the forehead and cheek, but otherwise it looks human. White borders line the top and bottom of the picture. In the top one is Mary W. Shelley and the title is in the bottom one.


A heavily scarred, but flesh colored face looks out from a black background, the left side concealed by the binding. The one visible eye is bright blue and shadowed by a cross eyebrow. The chin suggests a beard. The title appears in small gothic print across from the face on the lower right. The i is a different color and the a is dripping. “The original horror story by” Mary Shelley appears on the bottom edge.


Checkered orange and blue boxes make up the background to a black and white sketched man and fish head surrounded by vials and flasks full of teal and orange liquids. The fish head, appears behind the man’s cheek and looks like a swordfish with a long nose of serrated teeth, what might be a ship’s prow sticks out underneath it just a silhouette. The man’s head is coming off of his neck and tendons, veins, and innards escape from the large cut right above the man’s scarf tied above his jacket. The man’s face itself looks distressed with staring eyes and downward curved lips.


A man stands in front of a grey background with his chest and head visible. While his chest is facing frontwards his head is turned all the way around to look behind him. The hair on the back of his head is neatly trimmed and he is dressed in a suit, tie, and collared shirt. The title is written in white across his neck and Mary Shelley is above it, centered right on his head in a pink box with patterned border. Information about an introduction is towards the bottom in a chartreuse box.


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