A white banner takes up most of the space with Mary Shelley and the title centered and information about the introduction. Underneath it, an abstract pattern of white lines spreads across a yellow background. In the foreground of the pattern is a flat headed created with mottled gray and pink skin that looks like scarring or a large burn on the forehead and cheek. The face has a large flat nose and lips. It’s eyes are too sunken into shadow to tell is there is an expression.


A bald head peaks out of a tall collar. The face and scalp are scarred with long patches of different colored skin, pink, grey, and white. The skin around the eyes is a dark grey and the sutures on the face suggest that it could even be made out of different metals since they are so straight. White teeth poke out from parted lips almost hidden by the tall collar. Above the picture the title appears in an orange print. Mary Shelley is underneath the picture in black. The background is taupe.


The face and chest of a creature fill the cover. The face has large empty eye sockets and a twisted, fleshless, nose. The teeth stand out on the face which has no lips like they would on a bare skull. The skin, of both face and chest, is mottled green, pink, yellow, and blue suggesting rot and decay. The title appears in large purple print on the bottom edge and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley is below it slightly smaller.


A close up of a heavily scarred face with green and yellow skin. The eyes of the face are closed and hairless. The lips are quite. Besides the weird lumpy scars and odd coloring the face looks normal. The title and Mary Shelley are in a green box centered on the top edge. Mary Shelley is above the, larger green, title in white print.


A heavily scarred face without a nose and large teeth that stick out from thin lips floats in a black background. Wisps of dark hair stick out on either side and the eyes are either shut or hidden by sunken sockets and a large brow. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley appears in white at the top with the title under it in green along with the subtitle. Information about the editor is on the bottom edge.


A floating head of a gaunt woman with green hair sticking straight up from her scalp dominates the black background of the cover. Her eyes are opened wide and her green pupils look down in anger. Her mouth with green lips, that has fangs on the bottom and upper rows of teeth , is open revealing a green tongue. The F of the title stretches between the top and bottom of the cover and the rest of it goes across the top through the woman’s green hair. Mary Shelley and illustrators name are at the bottom in white script.


A cut out oval reveals a scene between a young woman and man. The woman stands in the doorway of a tower surrounded by shrubbery. She is dressed in an apron and dress. Her hand is on the man’s shoulder and her other hand is holding on to his other hand as he leads her outside down the step. The man, dressed in dark clothes and with long hair, is difficult to distinguish. The title appears at the top with Mary W Shelley underneath.


A ghoulish woman, with black circles around her eyes, black lips, and pale skin sits hunched in the corner looking out. She is dressed in a white sleeveless gown and her bare arms look dirty. She has her teeth bared and hand raised up as if to claw at someone. The title, in a slightly transparent white script goes across the picture and Mary Shelley appears below it slightly smaller.


Painting: The Nightmare. Centered on the cover is a painting a curtained bed. On the bed a woman lies prostrate on her back, arms above her head which spills over the edge, he blonde hair falling to the floor. She is dressed in a long, low cut, white gown and lays on top of pink, red, yellow, and white sheets. On her chest is a small devil creature, dark colored and ugly staring straight out of the scene towards the viewer. Red curtains surround the bed and horse head, with rolling, crazed, eyes peaks out from them.


Laying prostrate on a bed with green sheets a young woman’s head spills over the side of the bed her red hair spilling to the floor. She is wearing a long yellow, low cut, dress that is falling from her shoulders. At the door of the bedroom a man stands, in a red shirt and grey pants, with his arms in front of him fingers spread out looking at his hands as if in horror. His shoulders are broad, but otherwise he looks normal. Above the scene a yellow banner has the title in black print. Under that, in the left corner of the picture is Mary Shelley in yellow.


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