On an entirely black background a creature, ugly, dressed in rags, greenish skin and lank hair, stands with his hands in front of him fingers spread out but curled pleading. At his feet the figure of a young boy in vest, shirt and pants, lays spread out, one leg another the other and one hand stretched away from him as if he had just fallen down. The title, in dark green appears next to the creature, split at the very top and separated at an angle as if it were opening up. Mary Shelley is underneath in white and much smaller print, but centered between two pink/red lines.


Lightning strikes in the distance behind a broken stone wall of a lab with vials of liquids and large electrical apparatus of copper and metal rings holding in a column of fire. In front of it, a flat headed dark haired creature stands looking down in horror or anger at his hands which are holding out a young woman. She is lying prostrate between his arms her blonde hair falling towards the floor her back arched. She is wearing a long, low cut, white gown with a close waist and ruffled neckline. Her face is pale, but she has dark lashes and pink lips and cheeks.


A large flat head with lank black bangs floats on a red background above the figure of a red haired women spread out on a bed with her legs and head spilling over the side extenuating her chest her hand rests on the ground next to her. A pile of pillows lies next to her side. She is dressed in a long low cut yellow gown and matching heels. The large head, green and black, looks on impassively staring out rather than down. The two images are separated by a flowing black banner with the title written in yellow print and Mary W Shelley in red.


A black banner takes up most of the cover with the title in jagged blue script along the bottom edge of it and Mary Shelley under that in white. Under the banner an abstract background of yellows, pinks, blues, and greens creates an almost forest/mountainous scene. In the foreground a creature dressed in black shirt and pants with lank black hair cut with long bangs that hang over dark eyes and green hued face carries a pale girl whose eyes are shut and with dark hair and dressed in white under the crook of his left hand.


Black and red create a monstrous valentine scene of a woman, mouth open in gasp or scream, with eyes open wide in fright and dressed in loose clothes has her throat clenched by a flat headed, large browed, creature with a grim and almost restful expression. The woman, her back bent away from her attacker, pushes her hand against his shoulder and while using her other hand to try and pull away his. They are surrounded by lab equipment, computers and dials, in what looks like an underground cavern. The title is across the top edge in large print and “Ann Mary Shelley” underneath.


Stripes in yellow and orange are the background to a manilla box with dark border around it and flourishes in each corner. Centered in this box is a scene with two figures on a mountain top surrounded by mountain peaks and valleys as they stand on the very edge of a path. The first figure, half naked in a fur loincloth with long dark hair and well defined muscles hides behind a tall outcrop of rock on the path. The other figure, dressed in a long coat and breeches steps out with his hand reached into the air as if to try and peek around the rock without getting close.


Two figures facing each other in mirrored stances dominate the cover. The first, in the forefront is in dark clothes, cloak, tights, and hat leaning back against his long walking stick away from the figure in front of him. The other, almost ghostly, is a giant dressed in white clothes with red trim. His hair is long and flies out in the wind. One hand is on his chest and one, almost in a fist is held out behind him. He looks down at the dark figure in front of him with wide, almost crazed,  eyes.


Looking behind him a blonde man clutching a wooden walking stick dressed in a blue cloak that reaches his knees looks cautious. His shadow trails ahead in front of him, and on his back is another shadow of a large figure following him. They stand on the edge of a path wandering up the side of a mountain. Ahead, a range of snowy peaks rests on the horizon under a grey sky. Bare trees line the walk up and the hills below are a dull grey. The title appears at the top in white letters and Mary Shelley is underneath in smaller print.


In the fashion of a woodcut bold black lines and shadows are separated by white highlights. the sky is done in rays that reach down to the ground which is uneven rocks. Two figures stand facing each other. The first, in the foreground is larger than life, muscular and naked with extra broad shoulders and hands that make the waist seem small. In front of him, a man stands in a long cloak with his hands raised to the sky in warning, or maybe to ward off the other figure whose hands are held loosely behind him.


A teal border takes up most of the cover, but in the center a picture shows a lone figure walking through a whited out snowy landscape towards a lone mountain with one large peak. The figure is small on the landscape and almost disappears in the grey sky and snow around it. The title appears on top of the cover in the teal background in white print. Mary Shelley appears below it slightly smaller.


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