Lamia: A Dance-Theater Exploration

Lamia: A Dance-Theater Exploration (by Molly Haas-Hooven, dir. Suzanne Karpinski) ran at the New York Fringe festival in August 2016. Karpinski describes it as "the story of a snake who is given the chance to become human so she can pursue the man she desires. Based originally on the John Keats poem, it is told through a unique blending of dance, live rock music, fashion and poetry. We explore what it means to idealize romance rather than accept our partners for who they really are."

Mary Shelley

The play refers to the author, Mary Shelley. Shelley was played by Ben Lamb in Shared Experience's 2012 production, Mary Shelley by Helen Edmundson, at the Tricycle Theatre, London. -Wikipedia

Camino Real

Camino Real is a 1953 play by Tennessee Williams. In the introduction to the Penguin edition of the play, Williams directs the reader to use the Anglicized pronunciation "Cá-mino Réal." The play takes its title from its setting, alluded to El Camino Real, a dead-end place in a Spanish-speaking town surrounded by desert with sporadic transportation to the outside world.


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