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"Observations on Female Literature in General" Poems Electronic Editions
Byron's Letter to John Murray The Sceptic; A Poem: A Hemans-Byron Dialogue Electronic Editions
662a. Robert Southey to John King, 16 March 1802⁠  The Collected Letters of Robert Southey, Part Two Electronic Editions
THOUGHTS in PRISON: March 18, 1777. WEEK THE THIRD. Public Punishment. Thoughts in Prison Electronic Editions
ART. XI. William Tell, or Swisserland Delivered. By the Chevalier de Florian, &c. A posthumous Work. To which is prefixed a Life of the Author, by Jauffret. Translated from the French. By William B. Hewetson, Author of the Blind Boy, &c. London: Sherwood Quarterly Review Electronic Texts Scholarly Resources
Art. IV. Poems, never before published, written chiefly at Bremhill, in Wiltshire. By the Rev. W. L. Bowles, 12mo. pp. 200. London. Cadell and Davies. 1809. Quarterly Review Electronic Texts Scholarly Resources
ART. X. Lettres et Pensées du Marichal Prince de Ligne, publiées par Madame la Baronne de Staël Holstein: contenant des Anecdotes inédites sur Joseph II. Catherine II. Frederic le Grand, Rousseau, Voltaire, &c. &c. et des Remarques intéressantes sur les T Quarterly Review Electronic Texts Scholarly Resources
Garval, "Alexis Soyer and the Rise of the Celebrity Chef" Romantic Gastronomies Praxis Series
Note: Geneva The Last Man Electronic Editions
Ferguson, "Educational Rationalization / Sublime Reason" The Sublime and Education Praxis Series