Part 10, Chapter 21

Part X

Chapter 21

‘HAS the second trumpet sounded?’

‘To be sure: run, run for a good place. Where is Abdallah?’

‘Selling sherbet in the square. We shall find him. Has Alroy come forth?’

‘Yes! he goes the other way. We shall be too late. Only think of Abdallah selling sherbet!’

‘Father, let me go?’

‘You will be in the way; you are too young: you will see nothing. Little boys should stay at home.’

‘No, they should not. I will go. You can put me on your shoulders.’

‘Where is Ibrahim!* Where is Ali?* We must all keep together. We shall have to fight for it. I wish Abdallah were here. Only think of his selling sherbet!’

‘Keep straight forward. That is right. It is no use going that way. The Bazaar is shut. There is Fakreddin,* there is Osman Effendi.* He has got a new page.’

‘So he has, I declare; and a very pretty boy too.’

‘Father, will they impale Alroy alive?’

‘I am sure I do not know. Never ask questions, my dear. Little boys never should.’

‘Yes, they should. I hope they will impale him alive. I shall be so disappointed if they do not.’

‘Keep to the left. Dash through the Butchers’ Bazaar: that is open. All right, all right. Did you push me, sir?’

‘Suppose I did push you, sir, what then, sir?’

‘Come along, don’t quarrel. That is a Karasmian. They think they are to do what they like. We are five to one to be sure, but still there is nothing like peace and quiet. I wish Abdallah were here with his stout shoulders. Only think of his selling sherbet!’