Part 9, Chapter 10

Part IX

Chapter 10

‘HIS Highness is sorely indisposed to-day.’

‘They say he swooned this morn.’

‘Ay, in the bath.’

‘No, not in the bath. ’Twas when he heard of Jabaster’s death.’

‘How died he, Sir?’

‘Self-strangled. His mighty heart could not endure disgrace, and thus he ended all his glorious deeds.’

‘A great man!’

‘We shall not soon see his match. The Queen had gained his pardon, and herself flew to the armoury to bear the news; alas! too late.’

‘These are strange times. Jabaster dead!’

‘A very great event.’

‘Who will be High Priest?’

‘I doubt if the appointment will be filled up.’

‘Sup you with the Lord Ithamar to-night?’

‘I do.’

‘I also. We’ll go together. The Queen had gained his pardon. Hum! ’tis strange.’

‘Passing so. They say Abidan has escaped?’

‘I hear it. Shall we meet Medad to-night?’

‘’Tis likely.’