109. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 27 May 1803


109. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 27 May 1803* 

Friday Afternoon May 27 1803

Dear George

The parcell is arive'd.—thank you—

No news yet from Hadleigh.—

I have unpardonably neglected to make the enquiry at the Fortune Shop about your sixteenth. [1]  You shall hear from me at Woolwich next week; and so shall Mr Smith, Mr Lofft, Miss Newman &c, &c—

I am not well; and one of my plagues shall vanish tomorrow night: I will Seal the last Writ tomorrow night at 7 O'clock—This is Consular language, you will say.—

No Duke yet.—Allen grows worse and worse; Another 4 months such as I have past might perhaps indeed drive me mad. but I value my own peace.—and I value the worlds applause; more than its pity and therefore says I to the Lawyers 'Good bye'


* BL Add. MS 28268, f. 126 BACK

[1] A reference to the collection of winnings on the lottery. BACK


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