122. Robert Bloomfield to Thomas Hood, 9 March 1804


122. Robert Bloomfield to Thomas Hood, 9 March 1804* 

City Road, March 9

Dear Sir

A letter from Mr Lofft contains the folowing –

'When I answered your letter I believe I said nothing of the intended stereotype Edition of your works in 2 vols. What I now wish to say is that I like the idea of printing a small and cheap, but very neat and well-printed edition in that manner, and within that compass.

I own I should be glad that you would prefix a new preface yourself, omitting mine.

The publishing of a general collection of your poems, seems in some measure to require a general preface.'

This last remark of Mr. L. I think has considerable force.

What think you of it? And can you tell me by letter, for I have much Rhumatism in my back, though I hope to give it a warming by walking to Hampstead. And the sooner you can render me an account of the last years sale, that I may know how to square my reconings dependant thereon, so much the more you will oblidge me. I have felt much for your domestic trouble, I know somthing of the hooping cough!


R Bloomfield

* Bodleian Library, MS Montagu.d.3, f. 105 BACK


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