233. Robert Bloomfield to Charles Sharpe, 8 September 1808


233. Robert Bloomfield to Charles Sharpe, 8 September 1808* 

To Mr Sharp, Mr. Doeg, and whoever else it may concern.

I cannot with pleasure leave home,
Though Wit, Wine, and Friendship invite,
For my grim-visag'd Fiend is just come
Who withers the germs of delight.

With the vile grin of conquest he rides,
And demands from its peg my warm Coat;
Deep probing Back, Shoulders, and sides,
With a dart—like the name to your Note.

Your blythe Caledonian for once,
Whose humour will keep you from sinking,
Will miss, by good fortune, the Dunce
Who spends his dull moment in thinking.

But should Doeg transgress, show the door,
And let this fine rain cool his flame;
Or, to have him like me,—make him poor
And strike out the e from his name.

Rob Bloomfield.

Sep 8. 1808.

* BL Add. MS 28268, f. 260; published in Hart, p. 48 BACK


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