255. Robert Bloomfield to Thomas Park, 10 October 1810


255. Robert Bloomfield to Thomas Park, 10 October 1810* 

Wednesday Oct 10th 1810

Eleven O,clock

My Dear Sir

Are you at Hampstead? or will you be at home tomorrow? If so, I should be very glad of a line directly, and, if it comes before noon I propose to spend an hour or two with you, to fetch up old arrears, and to converse on subjects of importance to me. I have been but moderately in health for the last twelvemonth, and doubt whether I shall ever be better in London. But I will not forestall the subjects of my rumination. I hope to hear a good account of you and Mrs P. and family.

Children all well here, Yours, most truly, but most guilty of disrespect

Rob Bloomfield

City Road

* Cambridge University Library, Add. MS 8812/38 BACK


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