342. Robert Bloomfield to [? John Murray], 9 September 1819


342. Robert Bloomfield to [? John Murray], 9 September 1819* 

Thursday, Sep. 9. 1819

Dear Sir

I leave in your hands a full specimen of my poems, and wish I had the other pieces here, but no delay shall be attributable to me, if you understand my purpose and intention.

My reputation was never more concerned than now for I never witnessd a greater expectation of a new work on the part of my numerous correspondents. I therefore venture to hope for all that justice and liberality for which I have heard you famed. I have no friend on the spot to introduce it to you, but am confident of its extensive sale, though that may be the silliest thing in the world for an author to say.

And am Sir yours Respectfully

Rob Bloomfield

No. 1

Daggets Court


* Luton Museum BL/1/11/63 BACK


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