426. Robert Emlyn Lofft to Charles Bloomfield, 14 February 1840


426. Robert Emlyn Lofft to Charles Bloomfield, 14 February 1840* 

Troston hall, Feby 14th 1840


I beg to acknowledge your letter of 11inst & to assure you how ready I should have been to have complied with your request if it had been in power; but all my father's papers and letters were removed from this house nearly fifteen years back, by the late Mr John Finch of Cambridge his executor. Mr Finch died eight or nine years ago, and I am entirely ignorant of how the papers & letters were disposed of but it is possible that my brother Mr Capel Lofft of 8 Bernard Street Rupert Square might be able to inform you. With my best wishes for your success in your literary undertaking.

I am Sir, yr most obt servant

R E Lofft

Address: Mr Charles Bloomfield, / 42 Margaret Street / Haggerstone / London

* BL Add. MS 28268, ff. 494–95 BACK


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