91. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 16 August 1802


91. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 16 August 1802* 

Monday, Aug 16th 1802

Dear George

It will be a satisfaction to know that the parcell came to hand on Saturday. I have a Letter from Troston this morning and one from the Lady who sent for you to the Inn, and who gave me a meeting with Woodhouse, Miss Johnson. [1]  It is to request me to dine with her tomorrow at the White Horse in Fetter Lane. A Mr Alexander of Woodbridge calld on me sometime ago, and I commissioned him to send me Loder's History of Framlingham, [2]  I go now for it to Johnson's, St Paul's Church yard and to post this scrap to you with all Affection to Self and Wife and Bearns.—


* BL Add. MS 28268, f. 106 BACK

[1] The poet James Woodhouse (bap. 1735-1820), had been a shoemaker before managing the rural estate of Elizabeth Montagu, of whose insensitive patronage he complained. Latterly a London bookseller. Miss Johnson clearly enjoyed meeting labouring-class poets: see Letter 75 for the anecdote she told Bloomfield about breakfasting with Burns. BACK

[2] The History of Framlingham, in the County of Suffolk, including... Notices of the Masters and Fellows of Pembroke-Hall in Cambridge... begun by... R. Hawes. [Edited] with... additions and notes by R. Loder (Woodbridge, 1798). Bloomfield intended to buy the book from the shop of Joseph Johnson, the veteran radical bookseller and publisher. BACK


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