Index of Places



  • Barnett, near Clare Hall, South Mimms, Hertfordshire:home of the family of James Sharp.
  • Barton, Suffolk: neighbouring village to Honington.
  • Bell-Alley, Coleman Street, in the City of London: site of Bloomfield's lodgings before summer 1799.
  • Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk: home of George Bloomfield.
  • Campton, Bedfordshire:village neighbouring Bloomfield's home-village of Shefford, Bedfordshire.
  • Carlton House, Piccadilly, London: home of the Prince of Wales.
  • Chicksands, Bedfordshire: village near Shefford.
  • Clare Hall, South Mimms, Hertfordshire: seat of James Sharp, his wife and daughter.
  • Dryburgh Abbey, near Melrose, Scotland: country seat of Lord Buchan.
  • Euston Hall, Suffolk, near Thetford: country seat of the Duke of Grafton.
  • Fakenham, Suffolk: village nearby Honington and Euston.
  • Ferney Hill, Gloucestershire: home of the Coopers, R. Bransby and daughter Charlotte, who accompanied Bloomfield and the Lloyd Bakers on the Wye tour.
  • Fulham, near London: home of William, Catherine and latterly Granville Sharp.
  • Graveley, Cambridgeshire: village near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.
  • Hadleigh, Suffolk: town in which Nathan Drake lived.
  • Hampstead, London: home of Thomas Park.
  • Honington Green:the village green in Honington, close to which stood the house in which Bloomfield was born.
  • Honington, Suffolk: Bloomfield's birthplace and boyhood home; home of his mother and some of his siblings.
  • Ixworth Thorpe, Suffolk: small village near Honington.
  • Mulberry Court, Coleman Street, City of London: site of Bloomfield's lodgings from summer 1799.
  • Old Jewry, City of London: site of the famous dissenting meeting house at which Unitarian radicals, including Joseph Fawcett and Richard Price, preached.
  • Poultry, City of London: street in which Vernor and Hood had their bookselling establishment.
  • Putney: Surrey location of one of Dr Andrew Bell's Central Madras schools, at which Bloomfield's son Charles was briefly employed as a master.
  • Ragland Castle: Raglan Castle, near Abergavenny, Wales.
  • Ridlesworth Hall, Norfolk: near Thetford, home of the Bevan family.
  • Rotherhithe, London: area of South London on the banks of the Thames; residence of Bloomfield's wife's aunt and cousins.
  • Sapiston, Suffolk:village near Honington, where the boy Bloomfield lived and worked for his uncle William Austin.
  • Seal Office, the Temple, London: Bloomfield's place of work while employed in the position found him by the Duke of Grafton as under-sealer of documents.
  • Shefford, Bedfordshire: village to which Bloomfield moved in 1812.
  • Shepherd & Shepherdess, City Road, East London: near this inn lay Bloomfield's home until he moved to Shefford, Bedfordshire.
  • Southill, Bedfordshire: location, near Shefford, of the country estate of Bloomfield's Bedfordshire neighbour Samuel Whitbread.
  • Stanford, Suffolk: village near Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds.
  • Stanford Bury, Bedfordshire:A place close to Shefford; site of a Roman encampment, and the source of some of Thomas Inskip's archaeological finds.
  • Stout's Hill, Gloucestershire: seat of the Lloyd Bakers at Uley.
  • Towcester, Northamptonshire:town near which was the estate owned by William Grant.
  • Troston, Suffolk: seat of Capel Lofft, near Honington.
  • Uley, Gloucestershire: village in which the Lloyd Bakers lived, near Gloucester.
  • Vauxhall: Vauxhall Gardens, famous pleasure gardens on the south side of the Thames in London.
  • Wakefield Lodge, Northhamptonshire: the Duke of Grafton's house in Northamptonshire.
  • Whittlebury, Northamptonshire: The Duke of Grafton had a residence here, and Bloomfield visited the area in 1800 and 1804. He published 'Lines, occasioned by a Visit to Whittlebury Forest' in Rural Tales. It is illustrated in Brayley.
  • Wicken Park, Northamptonshire: home of Elizabeth Prowse, Granville and William Sharp's sister and Mary Lloyd Baker's aunt.
  • Woolwich, Kent: site of Thames dockyard, near London, in which Bloomfield's father-in-law worked.


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