22 Jan. 1826

Letter 14


22 January 1826

Florence. 22nd January 1826.

My dear Severn,

Mr Landor2 will have the kindness to deliver this into your hands. He will stay in Rome about a month.3

Kirkup wishes you to search among his things for a Thermometer in a red Morocco case, and to send it to Florence by some good opportunity; Mr Landor will probably be kind enough to take charge of it.

L. Hunt writes me word that West lives in Leicester Square, and complains. He is a shabby fellow.

I shall write to you the day after tomorrow by the Post. Carlino sends you 200,000 kisses. You must really come here next summer, if only to take his portrait4 at six years old, — remember your contract.

Your’s most truly,
           Chas Brown.


1 Hand delivered. Mentioned in Sharp 152. Address: To / Joseph Severn Esqr / 22 Vicolo de’ Marroniti, / 2do Piano, / Rome. [Return to the letter]

2 Walter Savage Landor (1775-1864), English poet, classicist and essayist, who traveled to Rome on 23 January 1826 with a letter of introduction to Severn (Stillinger 248n3). Brown knew Landor well in Florence and was a witness to the acrimonious breakup of Landor’s marriage in March 1835 which drove him back to England soon after Brown’s own return. They kept in touch in England. Brown traveled to Torquay to see Landor in August 1837 and then brought him back for three days to Plymouth where he got to know Brown’s friend Colonel C. Hamilton Smith (R. H. Super, Walter Savage Landor [New York: New York UP, 1954] 251-2, 281). [Return to the letter]

3 Landor set off from Florence by carriage on 23 January 1826 and stayed in Rome for one month (R. H. Super, ibid, 186). [Return to the letter]

4 See Figure 2. Severn had also painted a small portrait of Carlino on ivory at age three. Both are reproduced with a short note by Joanna Richardson in the Keats-Shelley Memorial Bulletin 5 (1953): 49. [Return to the letter]