27 June 1826

Letter 19


27 June 1826

Florence. 27th June 1826.

My dear Severn,

"Eccomi"2 by return of post. I enclose an order on Torlonia for 50 crowns. As you did not tell me when you wanted the money, I was afraid you might want it directly, so, not having cash in the house, I purposely drew on London for £30, and send your share, till I come to dun you for it back again. Great cry and little wool! quoth I, for Mancur has not yet sent me a penny of my windfall.

I’ll annoy Hazlitt. He told his lies to Richards, and Richards to Dilke. Dilke wrote to me about it,3 not saying whether he believed or disbelieved, but merely regretting that the brute might play you a savage trick. I don’t agree with you, — a man might have credited Hazlitt’s lies, without thinking ill of you; — for instance I — (and I’m not quite a wretch), have been guilty of laughing over his shoulder, — and that’s no great crime, — only I said you had not done so, because it is not in your character, — it is in mine.

This money I send rather unwillingly, as it may tend to make you idle. What a story have you sent me! Just as if you could not tell a gentleman, "Sir, you must leave me alone, and undisturbed, while I am painting."

Fire and fury! You have not yet settled my wager. Can’t you? or won’t you? or what? what? what?

It is not likely that Dilke and I will go to Rome in October; but it is very likely we shall be there in Septr, — the latter half of the month.4 Whither does Mr Finch flit in Octr?

I’m delighted to read your good news of all sorts.

I do know of Captn Baynes’s trip to France &c. You see I’m a gentleman, and answer questions.

Your’s most sincerely,
           Chas Brown.

Be sure to acknowledge receipt of this money-order immediately, or I shall think it has miscarried, or been purloined.


1 Above the salutation Sharp has penciled, "copied." Address: Al Pittore Inglese, / Il Sig. Giuseppe Severn, / No 22 Vicolo de’ Marroniti, / Roma. Postmarks: FIRENZE; 29 GIVGNO. [Return to the letter]

2 "Here I am." [Return to the letter]

3 Untraced. [Return to the letter]

4 See 30 Mar. 1826, n8. [Return to the letter]