2 Nov. 1826

Letter 21


2 November 1826

Florence. 2nd Novr 1826.

My dear Severn,

Here is Trelawney’s letter at last. When you have read it, return it for Kirkup, who will, I expect, be with me in a week. I must set Trelawney right about your character, — you’re not a sad flighty fellow; and I also hope to assure him Kirkup is not a sad lazy one. Ah! K: is coming! It’s done at last, — all right and tight; but be you careful not to breathe a word in one’s ear in Rome respecting his private affairs, — nothing will vex him or me more.

I wrote to you about a week ago. The matter that was on my mind to tell you at the close of my letter, and which I could not recollect, came full upon me in half an hour after. It was that I had promised Dilke to remind you about the landscape in the Madonna di Foligno picture,2 — and that he wishes said landscape to be the exact size of the original, — all "tale quale"3 except the bowl, which he desires may be omitted, — and further he hopes you will see it is properly executed.

My dog is going, — off somewhere, — or I must hang him; the wretch has gnawed one of my books, and broken another china plate, — plate! what do I say? — a large dish!!!

Remembrances to all friends,

Your’s most truly,
           Chas Brown.


1 A rough ink sketch of a woman appears on the envelope. Address: Al Pittore Inglese, / Il Sig. Guiseppe Severn, / No 22 Vicolo de’ Marroniti, / Roma. Postmarks: FIRENZE; 4 NOVEMBRE. [Return to the letter]

2 During Dilke’s visit to Rome with Brown in October 1826 Severn had agreed to arrange for a copy to be made of a detail of Raphael’s "Madonna of Foligno" in the Vatican. Much to Dilke’s annoyance, it was ten years before Severn delivered it (KC, ii.10). Brown sent Severn several more reminders. See his letters of 2 Jan. 1827, 16 Aug. 1828 and 13 Dec. 1828. For commentary on Brown’s actions, see "Fresh Light" 146-47. [Return to the letter]

3 "As is." [Return to the letter]