The text of Anna Barbauld's Poems (1773) used in this hypertext edition was scanned from a copy of the first edition in the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta. Thanks to Special Collections librarians John Charles and Jeannine Green for permission to use the text and for their help and encouragement. The text for "Observations on Female Literature in General" is courtesy Rutherford Library, University of Alberta.

Daniel White, University of Puget Sound, generously provided a link to his bibliography of works by and about Barbauld. Other sources are credited locally. Any other materials are in the public domain or are reprinted only in limited fair-use portions (credited locally). This hypertext is strictly for educational purposes, not to be sold in whole or in part.

Thanks to Jon Bath, Pamela Giles, and Carrie Horachek for their assistance. Funding for production of the site was provided by a research grant from the University of Saskatchewan.


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