Anna Barbauld: A Brief Chronology

Silhouette of Barbauld This silhouette of Anna Barbauld appeared in The Works of Anna Laetitia Barbauld, with a Memoir by Lucy Aikin, 1825.

1743 Birth on 20 June, Kibworth Harcourt, Leicestershire, first child of Reverend John Aikin, master of Kibworth School, and Jane Jennings Aikin
1747 Birth on 15 January of her brother John
1758 Move to Warrington in July. John Aikin takes the position of tutor of languages at the newly opened Dissenting academy, Warrington, Lancashire.
1761 John Aikin becomes tutor in divinity and Joseph Priestley comes to Warrington in September as tutor of languages.
1767 Priestley moves to Leeds and AB writes "On Mrs. Priestley's Leaving Warrington." Rochemont Barbauld is admitted to Warrington Academy.
1769 AB writes "Corsica."
1771 AB's brother completes medical studies.
1772 John Aikin's Essays on Song-Writing (which includes AB's "Songs"). Hymns I-V appear in William Enfield's Hymns for Public Worship. AB's Poems published in December.
1773 AB and JA publish Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose in August.
1774 Marriage to Rochemont Barbauld on 26 May. They undertake the running of Palgrave School in Suffolk.
1775 Devotional Pieces published.
1777 Adoption of JA's third son Charles Rochemont Aikin (born 1775).
1778 Lessons for Children of Two to Three Years Old (May) and Lessons for Children of Three Years Old (June).
1779 Lessons for Children from Three to Four Years Old (April).
1780 AB's father dies.
1781 Hymns in Prose for Children (August).
1784 John Aikin moves to Yarmouth, Norfolk.
1785 AB's mother dies. The Barbaulds leave Palgrave School and tour France.
1786 The Barbaulds return to England in June and settle in London.
1787 The Barbaulds settle in Hampstead and Rochemont is minister to the Rosslyn Hill congregation. AB takes students.
1790 An Address to the Opposers of the Repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts appears in March.
1791 The Epistle to William Wilberforce appears in June.
1792 Remarks on Gilbert Wakefield's Enquiry into . . . Public or Social Worship appears in May. John Aikin moves to London to escape persecution.
1793 AB contributes to John Aikin's Evenings at Home (volumes 1-2 appear in January) and publishes Sins of Government, Sins of the Nation (April).
1794 AB visits Scotland in September and October.
1795 "Essay on Akenside's Poem on the Pleasures of Imagination."
1796 Monthly Magazine edited by John Aikin until 1806. AB writes poems and essays for the MM.
1797 AB meets Coleridge in August.
1798 John Aikin moves to Stoke Newington after an illness.
1802 Barbaulds move to Stoke Newington in March.
1803 Annual Review edited to 1809 by Arthur Aikin, the nephew of AB. AB contributes to AR.
1804 AB's edition of Samuel Richardson's Correspondence (6 volumes) including a biography appears in June.
1805 AB's edition, Selections from the Spectator, Tatler, Guardian, and Freeholder, with a Preliminary Essay appears in February.
1806 John Aikin resigns from the Monthly Magazine and starts the Athenaeum (edits to 1809).
1807 AB agrees to writes prefaces for a collection of British novels.
1808 Suicide of Rochemont Barbauld in November following his assault on AB in January and their separation in March.
1809 AB writes for the Monthly Review (until 1815).
1810 Publication of The British Novelists in 50 volumes.
1811 AB edits The Female Speaker and completes Eighteen Hundred and Eleven by December.
1812 Eighteen Hundred and Eleven appears in January.
1822 Death of John Aikin.
1825 Death of AB at Stoke Newington on 9 March. Works and A Legacy for Young Ladies, edited by Lucy Aikin, AB's niece, appear.