Justine Moritz


Justine Moritz

Servant to the Frankenstein family and particular friend of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth relates how Justine came to join the Frankenstein household:

Madame Moritz, her mother, was a widow with four children, of whom Justine was the third. This girl had always been the favourite of her father; but, through a strange perversity, her mother could not endure her, and, after the death of M. Moritz, treated her very ill. My aunt observed this; and, when Justine was twelve years of age, prevailed on her mother to allow her to live at her house. (I:5:3)

Justine became a favorite of both Victor and his mother, and from them received an education.

She is accused of the murder of William (I:6:31), is convicted on circumstantial evidence (I:7:12), and, although thought innocent by the entire Frankenstein family, is executed for the crime.