List of works by Thomas D'Arcy Morris in the Oriental Sporting Magazine (1828-33)

List of works by Thomas D’Arcy Morris in the Oriental Sporting Magazine (1828-1833)

Most of these works have been attributed to Morris on the evidence of the obituary published in the Calcutta Englishman by its editor, J.H. Stocqueler, who was also the editor of the Bombay Courier, and proprietor and editor of the Oriental Sporting Magazine. He described Morris as the ‘chief writer’ of the OSM, and lists among his contributions ‘the lively effusions of ‘S.Y.S.’, the ‘letters of John Dockeray’ [sic], the Tales of the Tinkers, the ‘Criticism of Stephen’, and ‘last but not least the numerous songs by the author of “The next Grey boar we see”’. [1]  Reasons for attributing other works are given in endnotes. This list is unlikely to be exhaustive: the OSM had other contributors, but they have not all been identified, and some items listed here as pseudonymous or anonymous may also be the work of Morris.

Volume and page numbers refer to the 2-volume 1873 reset edition of the OSM. [2]  Prose works are marked (*); others are in verse. Where no author’s name is supplied, the work was published anonymously.

Hunting Songs

  • ‘The Next Grey Boar We See’. [3]  1.12.
  • ‘Tales of the Tinkers’. 1.13-21.
  • ‘The Tales of the Tinkers’. 1.57-64.
  • ‘Hurrah for the Spur and the Spear’, by S.Y.S. 1.459.
  • ‘Song: Saddle, Spur and Spear’, by S.Y.S. 2.9-10.
  • ‘Song: Hurrah! Hurrah! One Bumper More’, by S.Y.S. 2.31.
  • ‘With Red, Red Wine’, by S.Y.S. 2.84.
  • ‘Follow, Follow’, by S.Y.S. 2.116.
  • ‘Ride, Sportsmen, Ride’, by S.Y.S. 2.152-153.
  • ‘The Midnight Boar’, by S.Y.S. 2.162.
  • ‘Meet me when Daylight may Dawn’, by S.Y.S. 2.166-167.
  • ‘Song: ‘Tis the Boar’, by S.Y.S. 2.282.
  • ‘Dash Onward, my Steed’, by S.Y.S. 2.350.

‘John Dockery’ letters and related works

  • ‘Letters from a Yorkshire Jockey in India to his Brother at Tadcaster’, by S.Y.S. 1.65-66; succeeded by ‘No. 1’ and ‘No. 2’ (1.66-71). (*)
  • ‘Letters of John Dockery’, by S.Y.S. 1.127-131. (*)
  • ‘Letter to John Dockery’. [4]  1.161-164. (*)
  • ‘Letter from J. Dockery’. 1.236-240. (*)
  • ‘To John Dockery’, by Fhilo-Fun. [5]  1.258-259.
  • ‘John Dockery Redivivus’. [6]  2.197-199. (*)
  • ‘John Dockery Again’. 2.227-228. [7]  (*)

Sporting Recollections of Life in the Deccan

  • ‘Extracts from Sporting Recollections of Life in the Deccan’, by S.Y.S. 1.424-436. (*)
  • ‘Extracts from Sporting Recollections of Life in the Deccan’, by S.Y.S. 2.156-162. (*)
  • ‘Sporting Recollections of Life in the Deccan’, by S.Y.S. 2.311-313. (*)
  • ‘Sporting Recollections of Life in the Deccan’, by S.Y.S. 2.341-345. (*)
  • ‘Extracts from Sporting Recollections of Life in the Deccan’, by S.Y.S. 2.372-374. (*)

Horses and racing

  • ‘On the Proportions of Celebrated Arabs’, by S.Y.S. 1.459-462. (*)
  • ‘Stallions for England’, by S.Y.S. 2.10-12. (*)
  • ‘Stallions for England’ by S.Y.S. 2.83-84. (*)
  • ‘Harlequin and Honesty’, by S.Y.S. 2.172-173. (*)
  • ‘Poonah Races of 1831’, by S.Y.S. 2.255-262. (*)
  • ‘The Arab Horse Signal’, by T.D. Morris.  [8]  2.281. (*)
  • ‘Stable Losses’, by S.Y.S. 2.283-284. (*)

Criticism by ‘Stephen’

  • ‘Critique Extraordinary’, by Stephen. 1.260-264. (*)
  • ‘Critical Notices’, by Stephen. 1.360-361. (*)
  • ‘Stephen’s Third Critique’, by Stephen. 1.449-450. (*)
  • ‘Stephen’s Fourth Critique’, by Stephen. [9]  2.23-25. (*)

Other works

  • ‘The Great Black Fight at Bosreegaum between Manuel Victorine and Lalla Soortee’, by S.Y.S. 1.118-122. (*)
  • ‘Epitaph on Neptune, a beautiful Newfoundland Dog that belonged to Mrs. —, Coleshill, near Amersham, Bucks’, by S.Y.S. 1.127.
  • ‘Of Physic and Fists’ by Philo-Fun. [10]  1.451-452. (*)
  • ‘Address: Written and intended to have been spoken at an entertainment in honour of the Honourable M.S. Elphinstone, on the occasion of his departure for England, in 1827’. 2.38-41. [11] 


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[3] EDITOR'S NOTE: Accompanied by a letter signed ‘W.X.’, which states that the author of the lines has ‘a bushel of original Sporting Songs’, and might be persuaded to ‘assist in supporting your Magazine’ (OSM 1.12). BACK

[4] EDITOR'S NOTE: This and other such works have been ascribed to Morris despite the absence of the ‘S.Y.S.’ pseudonym, in view of their style, the subject matter, and Stocqueler’s categorization of the ‘John Dockery’ letters as Morris’s work. BACK

[5] EDITOR'S NOTE: The ‘Fhilo-Fun’ (probably a compositor’s mistaken reading of ‘Philo-Fun’) pseudonym is not included among Stocqueler’s list of Morris’s pseudonyms. The verses are clearly part of the ‘John Dockery’ intertextual narrative. A work written under the pseudonym ‘Philo-Fun’ refers to ‘an excursion which in the year 1822 I made to the north of England’ while ‘being still very convalescent from “the liver,” which had sent me to England’ (1.451-452). These dates correspond with the period of sick leave Morris spent away from India in 1821-23, and may be considered to further support what remains a speculative attribution. BACK

[6] EDITOR'S NOTE: A dialogue supposed to take place between John Dockery and other correspondents of the OSM. As with the other unsigned ‘John Dockery’ texts, the attribution is speculative. BACK

[7] EDITOR'S NOTE: A speculative attribution (see note 6 above). The work is preceded by a letter to the editor, signed ‘Paul Pry’. BACK

[8] EDITOR'S NOTE: This letter to the editor (21 December 1831), unusual in that it is written by Morris under his own name in his role as secretary to the Poona Racecourse, is a contribution to an ongoing dispute over the registration and sale of a horse. BACK

[9] EDITOR'S NOTE: This work is followed by ‘Observations on Shikarree’s Letter to the E.S.M.’, by ‘Not Stephen’ (2.25-27), written in similar style. BACK

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[11] EDITOR'S NOTE: Reprinted and ascribed to Morris in the Englishman obituary (‘The Sportsman’, Englishman, 8 May 1835). BACK