Note: Bishopsgate


On 3 August 1815, Percy Shelley signed a lease for a house at Bishopsgate, at the eastern entrance to Windsor Park. (The image below is a photo of the house reported to be the Shelleys', as it looked in the 1930s.)


Shelley and Mary lived there for nearly a year, spending time with Thomas Love Peacock, Thomas Jefferson Hogg, and others, walking and reading in the wooded park and boating on the Thames--including one particularly extended expedition up the river in August (an experience that contributed to Shelley's Alastor). This period clearly inspired the idealized setting of much of The Last Man.


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The photograph is by G. E. Chambers and appears in The Life of Shelley, Vol. II, ed. Humbert Wolfe. London: Dent, 1933, p. 105.

Map of Windsor