Note: Colburn

Henry Colburn

Henry Colburn (d. 1855) was introduced to Mary Shelley by her father, William Godwin. He was publisher of The Last Man in 1826. But before that he may have published Mary Shelley's short fiction; in 1824 she may have published Rome in the First and Nineteenth Centuries in Colburn's New Monthly Magazine and Political Register, a periodical he had started in 1814.

Colburn is famous as the publisher--and brazen promoter--of fashionable society novels, including those known as the "Silver Fork School." From 1835-41 he brought out a series of "Colburn's Modern Standard Novelists" in nineteen volumes. This contained works by Bulwer Lytton, Lady Morgan (Sydney Owenson), Horace Smith, T. H. Lister, Theodore Hook, and others. Benjamin Disraeli was also one of Colburn's authors.


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