Note: Prince Mavrocordato

Mavrocordato (or Mavrocordatos), Alexander (1791-1865)

Prince Mavrocordato was a Greek statesman and (after 1833) Premier, a leading figure in the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire (1821-29). He wrote the Greek declaration of independence.

For a time before the beginning of the war, in 1820-21, he was in exile, living near the Shelley party, then in Pisa. Percy Shelley dedicated Hellas to him and he was a particularly of Mary Shelley's. The Shelleys (along with Byron) were thus connected to the leadership of the Independence movement at the moment of its greatest crisis. In spring 1821, Mary sent back news of the war in an article for Leigh Hunt's Examiner.

When the war began, the English government maintained a policy of non-intervention (which actually amounted to support of the Turkish forces). It was not until 1827 that England, Russia, and France began to support Greece, which gained its independence in 1829.

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