Maria Jane Jewsbury Chronology


Great Britain seizes control of the Cape Colony (near present day Cape Town) from the Dutch.


MJJ, born on October 25 at Measham, Derbyshire, to Thomas and Maria (née Smith) Jewsbury.


MJJ’s poem, "Curiosity and Scandal" is published in the Coventry Herald.

Jewsbury family moves to Manchester.


Death of Maria Jewsbury. MJJ assumes responsibility for five younger siblings.

The military attacks a working-class crowd in St. Peter’s Field in Manchester, killing eleven and wounding more than four hundred in what is called the Peterloo Massacre.


MJJ contributes to the Manchester Gazette.


Publication of Phantasmagoria, or Sketches of Life and Character with dedication to William Wordsworth.

MJJ meets Wordsworth and begins of friendship with his daughter Dora.


MJJ suffers long period of poor health.


Publication of Letters to the Young, based on letters of advice MJJ wrote to her younger sister Geraldine and others.

MJJ begins correspondence with Felicia Hemans.

Jewsbury family spends several summer months in close proximity to Hemans’ house in Wales. MJJ writes poems, tales, and sketches for such annuals as Forget-Me-Not, The Anniversary, The Literary Souvenir, The Album, and Friendship’s Offering.


Publication of Lays of Leisure Hours with dedication to Felicia Hemans.

Three-week visit with Wordsworths at Rydal Mount, beginning May 26.


MJJ corresponds with Letitia Landon, and visits London.

Publication of The Three Histories: The History of an Enthusiast, The History of a Nonchalant, and The History of a Realist.

Becomes a contributor to the Athenaeum.


Marries the Reverend William Kew Fletcher, a chaplain in the East India Company, on August 1, in a ceremony held at Penegoes, Wales.

Sets sail from Gravesend on September 19 in the East Indiaman Victory.

Recounts details of trip in "Extracts from a Lady’s Log-Book."

First poem in "Oceanides" sequence is published in the Athenaeum on December 29.


MJJF dies of cholera at Poona, India on October 4.

Last poem in "Oceanides" sequence is published in the Athenaeum on December 28.


William Fletcher dies at Worthing.