"Satan and His Agents," The True Briton 520 (28 August 1794)

"Satan and His Agents," The True Briton 520 (28 August 1794).

satan and his agents.                

On good Robespierre, when the Guillotine fell,
   All the little black imps which attended his call,
In an instant plung'd down to their Monarch in Hell,
   To inform him the terrible news of his fall.

"Blood and thunder! what! dead?" his Black Majesty cried;
   "Then my system is dish'd–then my hopes are all over!
"What! so skilful a fellow, my joy and my pride?
   "Of Confusion and me he so faithful a lover?

"Through his notable means, I had form'd a design
   "Of seducing Mankind, and of blasting Creation;
"I bade him new stock these dominions of mine,
   "With the good he had happily d–d thro' his Nation.

"I had furnish'd the rogue with so solemn a face,
   "Such a saint like demeanor of looks to allure;
"I had lent him a tongue full of cunning and grace;
   "And I made, of success in his mischief, cock-sure.

"But my cursed intentions are knock'd on the head!
   "A few thousands indeed has he hurried below,
"And some others are mine, tho' the Gemmen an't dead;
   "But I wish'd the whole Realm had been d–d at a blow[.]

"I conjur'd him, when this operation was done,
   "To endeavour to kidnap the British dominions,
"And amuse them, like France, with confusion and fun,
   "By diffusing around his infernal opinions.

"That finish'd, I beg'd him new Nations to seek,
   "And confound them alike w[i]th intemperate notions–
"To let Russia alone–for my eyes an't so weak
   "But I clearly may see she's my friend by her motions.

"Yes; and Prussia likewise, coming on by degrees
   "As I wish it, I earnestly told him to favour;
"But that all other Kingdoms, not friendly like these,
   "To destroy, he should certainly do his endeavour.

"Uncompleted, alas! is the work I devised;
   "I am heartily vex'd, 'tis so dreadful a stroke!"
Thus saying, a Devil, for wickedness prized,
   Loud exclaim'd, "Can my Liege disappointment provoke?

"Shall my Sovereign Master then truly despair
   "Of completing his wish, when a villain remains–
"Yes, a villain as deep–need I mention Barrere,
   "Who to finish the work takes all possible pains?"

At the name of Barrere, so transported with hope,
   His grim Majesty started, and rubbing his hands;
"Oh, you dear little monster! here, fetch me a rope,
   "I shall hang every devil who's slid [?] through my lands.

"Go, and brighten my flames–let 'em burn, let 'em rise–
   "We shall have a rare bonfire, my boy, for thy sake;
"I create ye my Plenipo–go, and be wise,
   "And let's see what a mischievous Devil you'll make.

"Go, attend on Barrere, and inform him my will–
   "Though he nab'd Robespierre, I forgive him–and say
"I appoint him my agent to d–n and to kill,
   "And endeavour to make all Creation my prey."

Thus commanding, the Minister, bowing, obey'd;
   Fled to Paris, and enter'd incog. the Convention,
And informing Barrere what his Majesty said,
   The Republican swore to fulfil his intention.

 T. L.

Gemmen] Gentlemen.