Chronology of the French Revolution, 1789-94

Chronology of the French Revolution, 1788-94



Louis XVI agrees to summon the Estates General



Robespierre elected representative to Estates General by Third Estate of Artois

First Jacobin Club formed at Versailles by delegates to Estates General



Estates General meet in Versailles


17 June

Third Estate renames itself the National Assembly


20 June

Tennis Court Oath


9 July

National Assembly adopts title of National Constituent Assembly


14 July

Storming of the Bastille


4 August

Abolition of feudal rights and privileges


26 August

Adoption of Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen


5-6 October

Louis XVI and royal family forcibly moved from Versailles to Paris



National Constituent Assembly also moves from Versailles to Paris

Jacobin Club installs itself in former monastery of the Jacobins, rue Saint-Honoré


2 November

Nationalization of Church property


12 December

Introduction of assignats (revolutionary currency)



Municipal elections across France and division of nation into 83 departments


13 February

Monastic vows forbidden



Abolition of nobility and titles



Civil Consitution of the Clergy (reorganization of Catholic Church under control of state)


14 July

Festival of Federation



Abolition of guilds


20-21 June

Royal family's flight to Varennes


17 July

Champs de Mars Massacre


27 August

Declaration of Pillnitz



Louis XVI accepts new constitution

Elections held for new Legislative Assembly

Slavery abolished in France (but not in colonies)



First meeting of Legislative Assembly



Food riots in Paris

Fall of Feuillant ministry and rise of Girondins


20 April

Declaration of war against Austria


25 April

First use of guillotine


10 August

Storming of the Tuileries, fall of monarchy, and imprisonment of royal family


12 August

Robespierre elected to Paris Commune



Establishment of first Revolutionary Tribunal


2-6 September

September Prison Massacres



Election of new National Convention (Robespierre elected deputy for Paris)

France declared a republic and monarchy abolished

Revolutionary Calendar introduced


10 December

Trial of king begins



King unanimously convicted, sentenced to death, and executed (on the 21st)



Declaration of war against Britain, Spain, and Holland



Beginning of royalist revolt in La Vendée


10 March

Establishment of second Revolutionary Tribunal


5 April

Defection of Girondin general Dumouriez


6 April

Establishment of Committee of Public Safety



Federalist revolt in Lyon



Anti-Girondin uprising in Paris and purge of Girondins from Convention


24 June

Adoption of republican constitution


13 July

Assassination of Marat


27 July

Robespierre elected to Committee of Public Safety



War with Federalists (siege of Lyon begins, 8 August)


27 August

Surrender of Toulon to British


5 September

Terror declared


17 September

Law of Suspects


29 September

Law of General Maximum



Imposition of Terror in Lyon and Toulon; repression of La Vendée rebellion


5 October

Adoption of Republican Calendar (backdated to 22 September 1792)


16 October

Execution of Marie Antoinette


31 October

Execution of Brissot and Girondins deputies



Beginning of dechristianization campaign; Festival of Reason in Notre Dame (10 November)


4 December

Law of 14 Frimaire centralizing power in the hands of the Committee of Public Safety


4 February

Abolition of slavery in French colonies


24 March

Execution of Hébertists


5 April

Execution of Dantonists



Cult of Supreme Being introduced to replace dechristianizers' Cult of Reason


27 May

Cécile Renault's failed assassination attempt upon Robespierre


8 June

Festival of the Supreme Being


10 June

Law of 22 Prairial reorganizes and further empowers Revolutionary Tribunal, accelerating Terror


26 June

French victory at Battle of Fleurus


27 July

Coup of 9 Thermidor


28 July

Execution of Robespierre and Robespierrists