"Robespierre's Will," The True Briton 520 (28 August 1794)

"Robespierre's Will," The True Briton 520 (28 August 1794)

    The following is circulated as the last Will and Testament of the late Maximilian Robespierre:

    I, Maximilian Robespierre, Citizen of Paris, and Member of the Republic of France, one, indivisible and unimpressible, knowing the uncertainty of all things, and, in particular, that of human life, do make this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows:

    Imprimis —— I resign my soul to him who has of late inspired me with so many capital efforts in favour of Liberty, Equality, and the Rights of Man.

    My body I commit to the earth, and knowing I shall be buried at the public expence, my will is, that I have no other monument than the shouts of the populace.

    My heart I leave to be raffled for, between Barrere, Tallien and Collet d'Herbois.

    My principles to be shared in common amongst the first class of Jacobins in France, Great Britain, &c. — Over and above which, I bequeath my courage to the English Jacobins, being the only quality they seem to want in the perfection of their education.

    My nerves I leave to be manufactured into bell ropes, to celebrate the future successes and triumphs of the Guillotine.

    My poverty as a cloak for modern Patriotism.

    My wreaths, my triumphs and rewards, I leave as encouraging examples to the rising race of Revolutionists.

    To [ ] and English Republican Journal [ ] Writers, &c. &c. I bequeath [one] turned coat, to be skirted in partibus amongst them, as the most appropriate reward I can bestow on them for the zeal with which I am confident they will celebrate my obsequies.

    To my dear and loving friend and coadjutor, Mr. Barrere, my fine seal ring of Judas Iscariot.

    To Monsieur Renard d'Angleterre, for praising my Constitution "as the most glorious fabric ever raised by human abilities and integrity," the Prophet's cap, lined with fustian, which I intended for Catherine D'——, the late pretended mother of G——.

    To Monsieur S*******, le grand Politician d'Angleterre, et tres plus grand Poete Dramatique, all my Political Farces.

    To Citizen Stand-up, all my Essays on fermented lees.

    To Marc Angelo, Le petit fils De Grand Architecte, all the game I shall die possessed of.

    To my friend Monsieur David, (in order to be copied) my fine picture of the Imprisonment of Count Ugilino.

    And finally, to shew that I die in charity with all mankind, I leave and bequeath my late peace of mind — to mine Enemies.

        Signed and sealed with my blood stone, bearing the arms of the Republic, this 26th day of July, 1794.

                    Maximilian Robespierre.