List of British Female Literary Characters

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[This list is Robinson's own, found in both the first and second editions, and includes many prominent bluestockings, novelists, and poets, as well as writers who had also written essays on women's issues such as Mary Wollstonecraft, Hannah More, Mary Hays, and Catherine Macaulay. The coral-colored entries are handwritten additions made by Elizabeth Rose in her personal edition of the text.]

Living in the Eighteenth Century *


Anspach, Margravine of --- Tour to the Crimea, and Dramatic Pieces.


Barbauld, Mrs. --- Poems and Moral Writings.

Brooke, Mrs. --- Novels and Dramatic Pieces.

Bennet, Mrs. --- Novelist

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Carter, Mrs. --- Greek and Hebrew Classic, Poetess, &c. &c.

Cowley, Mrs. --- Poems, Comedies, Tragedies, &c. &c. &c. &c.

Crespigny, Mrs. --- Novelist.

Cosway, Mrs. --- Paintress.

[Chapone Mrs. Letters on the Mind &ca]


Dobson, Mrs. --- Life of Petrarch, from the Italian.

D'Arblæy, Mrs. --- Novels, Edwy and Elgiva, a Tragedy, &c. &c. &c.

Damer, Hon. Mrs. --- Sculptor, and Greek Classic.

[Edgeworth (Miss) Education--Novels--Tales]


Francis, Mrs. --- Greek and Latin Classic.


Gunning, Mrs. --- Novelist.

Gunning, Miss --- Novelist, and Translator from the French.

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Hayes[sic], Miss --- Novels, Philosophical and Metaphysical Disquisitions. [& Female Biography]

Hanway, Mrs. --- Novelist.

[Hunter Mrs. Novels]


Inchbald, Mrs. --- Novels, Comedies, and Translations from the French and German.


Linwood, Miss --- Artist.

Lee, Misses --- Romances, Comedies, Canterbury Tales, a Tragedy, &c. &c. [The Recess]

Lennox, Mrs. --- Novelist.


Macauley[sic] Graham, Mrs. --- History of England, and other works.

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Montagu, Mrs. --- Essay on the Writings and Genius of Shakespeare; being a Defence of him from the Slander of Voltaire.

More, Miss Hannah. --- Poems, Sacred Dramas, a Tragedy, and other moral pieces.


Piozzi, Mrs. --- Biography, Poetry, British Synonymy, Travels, &c. &c. &c.

Plumptree, Miss --- Translations from the German, a Novel, &c.

Parsons, Mrs. --- Novelist.

[Porter (Miss) Novels--]


Ratcliffe[sic], Mrs. --- Romances, Travels, &c. &c.

Robinson, Mrs. --- Poems, Romances, Novels, a Tragedy, Satires, &c. &c.

Reeve, Miss --- Romances and Novels.

Robinson, Miss --- Novelist.

[Randall--Letter to Women]

[Anna Maria Roche--Novels]

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Seward, Miss --- Poems, a Poetical Novel, and various other works.

Smith, Mrs. Charlotte --- Novels, Sonnets, Moral Pieces, for the Instruction of Youth; and other works. [History of England]

Sheridan, late Mrs. --- Sidney Biddulph, a Novel.

[Smith--Miss F: Translations of Klopstock--Letters]


Thomas, Mrs. late Miss Parkhurst --- Greek and Hebrew Classic

Thickness, Mrs. --- Biography, Letters, &c.

[Talbot Mrs. Essays, Reflections, Poems]


Wolstonecraft[sic], Mrs. --- A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Novels, Philosophical Disquisitions, Travels, &c.

Williams, Miss Helen Maria --- Poems, Travels, a Novel, and other miscellaneous pieces.

West, Mrs. --- Novels, Poetry, &c. &c [Letters to a Young Man, Letters to Young Lady]

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Yearsley, Mrs. --- Poems, a Novel, a Tragedy, &c. &c.

There are various degrees of merit in the compositions of the female writers mentioned in the preceding list. Of their several claims to the wreath of Fame, the Public and the critics are left to decide. Most of them have been highly distinguished at the tribunal of literature.


[Omitted Mrs. Opie--Poetry & Novels
Mrs. Truman Scripture History
Lady Manners Poems--]

Authorial Notes

Page 99. In order to escape the imputation of partiality, the names are arranged alphabetically.


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