2980. Robert Southey to John Murray, [28 April 1817]

2980. Robert Southey to John Murray, [28 April 1817] ⁠* 

My dear Sir

I have heard of a rich passage in Broughams Colonial Policy [1]  – which may look well in the article on Discontent [2]  – pray send me the book.

And let me trouble you to frank copies of my Billet Doux [3]  to Miss Southey, Bishops xxxx Taunton, – & to Miss Fricker, at – Llewellyns Esqre Westbury near Bristol.

Thank you for the draft. – I am now setting out on my labours before breakfast, & shall return tomorrow in the forenoon, & get a few hours for the Review. [4] 

Yrs very truly


Monday 9 o clock.


* Address: To/ John Murray Esqre/ Albemarle Street
MS: Beinecke Library, Osborn MSS File ‘S’, Folder 14152. ALS; 1p.
Dating note: Dating from content, which indicates this was written on Monday 28 April 1817. BACK

[1] Brougham’s An Inquiry into the Colonial Policy of the European Powers (1803). BACK

[2] A reference to Southey’s article ‘Rise and Progress of Popular Disaffection’, Quarterly Review, 16 (January 1817), 511–552 (published 20 May 1817). Southey did not quote from Brougham’s book. BACK

[3] Southey’s pamphlet Letter to William Smith, Esq., M.P., published April 1817 by Murray. BACK

[4] That is, for working on his Quarterly Review contribution. BACK


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