3115. Robert Southey to Henry Herbert Southey, [c. 8 April 1818]

3115. Robert Southey to Henry Herbert Southey, [c. 8 April 1818]⁠* 

My dear H.

Fifty yards. [1]  no border because the book cases make crinkum-crankums out of number. a proper quantity of binding instead. an all-over pattern, (wreathes, flowers or flourishes) rather than a set one in squares, circles or regular figures. dead colours I believe wear best – but upon this point the only thing needful to be remembered is that the curtains are of a French Grey. A rug of corresponding colours with the carpet. – They are advertised as cheap at Whitehall, opposite the Admiralty. 50 yds at 8/ would be 20£ – I inclose a draft on Artaxerxes for 25£. You may consign Jean de Lery [2]  to his care, & order a new coat for him if he be in ragged attire, – is a book of great rarity & very great intrinsic value.

The typhus has been prevalent here but not xxx generally fatal. There are however three persons lying dead of it in one of the cottages under Skiddaw.

Love to Louisa & Mrs Gonne.

God bless you



* Address: To/ Dr Southey/ 15 Queen Anne Street/ Cavendish Square
Stamped: [partial] Unpaid/ Post/ Bridge St Westmstr
Postmark: [partial] 8 AP/ 1818 NT
MS: Bodleian Library, MS Don. d. 4. ALS; 4p.
Dating note: Dating from postmark. BACK

[1] Southey was giving instructions for a carpet for his study that he wished Henry Herbert Southey to order. BACK

[2] Jean de Léry (1536–1613), Histoire d’un Voyage faict en la Terre du Bresil (1578). Southey owned two copies, nos 1709–1710 in the sale catalogue of his library. BACK

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