3215. Robert Southey to [William Gifford], 4 December 1818

3215. Robert Southey to [William Gifford], 4 December 1818⁠* 

My dear Sir

This paper is longer than I intended to make it, [1]  – but the case is important. The facts conclusive, & I grew warm as I proceeded, – yet I trust not warmer than you will think it became me to be. – We have been wickedly used, & have every possible right to take vengeance in our own way.

This is an urgent subject. I laid by the Catacombs that it might be in time for the meeting of Parliament, [2]  – but you shall have the first part in a few days, [3]  & then I shall take my leave of you for a long time –

Believe me

Yrs faithfully & respectfully

R Southey.

Keswick. 4. Dec. 1818.


* MS: The Lilly Library, Indiana University. ALS; 1p. (c).
Unpublished. BACK

[1] Southey’s article ‘Inquiry into the Copyright Act’, Quarterly Review, 21 (January 1819), 196–213, published 4 June 1819. BACK

[2] A House of Commons Select Committee published its Report on the Copyright Acts in 1818 and parliament began sitting again on 14 January 1819. Southey might have hoped his article could be included in Quarterly Review, 19 (July 1818), which appeared on 2 February 1819. BACK

[3] Southey’s review article ‘Cemeteries and Catacombs of Paris’ appeared in Quarterly Review, 21 (April 1819), 359–398. BACK

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