1759. Robert Southey to Barbara Seton [fragment], 14 March [1810]

1759. Robert Southey to Barbara Seton [fragment], 14 March [1810] ⁠* 

The first Vol. of my History of Brazil is just out of the Printers hands, and will I suppose be published at the end of the month … [1] 


* MS: MS untraced; text is taken from Ifan Kyrle Fletcher. Southey’s letters to Seton were advertised for sale in Kyrle Fletcher’s catalogue no. 57 (1936), Item 332. Their purchaser and current location is unknown.
Previously published: Kyrle Fletcher, ‘Robert Southey and Miss Seton’, Times Literary Supplement, no. 1868 (20 November 1937), 896. BACK

[1] The first volume of The History of Brazil appeared in 1810; volume two followed in 1817; and the third and final volume in 1819. BACK

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