1912. Robert Southey to [Thomas Amyot], 29 April 1811

1912. Robert Southey to [Thomas Amyot], 29 April 1811 ⁠* 

Keswick. April 29. 1811.

Sir [1] 

I did not express any acknowledgement for a former communication, inclosing B. General Carrol’s [2]  melancholy letter, because I felt unwilling to intrude upon you with a mere repetition of thanks. The narrative with which you have now favoured me arrives at a most seasonable time, & gives me a clear light in that part of the history of the war, where I most wanted it. Do me the favour to present my respects to Col. Stonor, & assure him how greatly I feel obliged to him for this connected view of the arduous & honourable campaign in which he bore a part. [3] 

I cannot conclude without congratulating you & the friends of the good cause upon the brighter prospects which have opened upon us. I have been a good & faithful hoper from the first, & in one point only my hopes have deceived me. I expected that more men of military genius would have arisen among the Spaniards. The apparent want of then makes me regret more deeply the loss of Romana [4]  & of Albuquerque. [5] 

I remain Sir

With much respect

Your much obliged

Robert Southey.


* MS: Beinecke Library, Osborn MSS File ‘S’, Folder 14191. ALS; 2p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] Amyot is not named as the correspondent, but it is clear from the content of the letter that it is he who is being addressed. In particular, it was Amyot who had acted as Southey’s introduction to Carrol. BACK

[2] William Parker Carrol (1776–1842), liaison officer between the British and Spanish forces. Later promoted to Major-General and Field Marshal in the Spanish Army. BACK

[3] Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Stonor (1781–1834), who had served in the Spanish army during the recent campaign against the French. BACK

[4] The Spanish general Pedro Caro y Sureda, 3rd Marquis of la Romana (1761–1811). BACK

[5] The Spanish military commander, Jose Miguel de la Cueva, 13th Duke of Alburquerque (1774–1811). For Southey’s account of his final months as ambassador in England, Edinburgh Annual Register, for 1811, 4.1 (1813), 296–297. BACK

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