3403. Robert Southey to Mr Edwards, 15 December 1819

3403. Robert Southey to Mr Edwards, 15 December 1819⁠* 

Mr Southey is obliged to Mr Edwards for his compliment, but must decline an attempt in which he feels no inclination to engage. [1]  He hopes therefore that Mr Edwards will indulge his own genius.

Wednesday morning. 15 Dec. 1819.


* MS: Pforzheimer Collection, New York Public Library, Misc 3777. AL; 1p.
Note on correspondent: ‘Mr Edwards’ is possibly Charles Edwards, author of Hofer, and Other Poems (London, 1820). Published by Longmans, Hofer quotes Southey at p. 74. BACK

[1] Edwards had presumably solicited an occasional piece of poetry or prose from Southey. The latter received many such solicitations, most of which he refused. BACK


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