3488. Robert Southey to [Wade Browne] [fragment], [29 May 1820]

3488. Robert Southey to [Wade Browne] [fragment], [29 May 1820]⁠* 

[MS missing]

Before I leave London, (to which place I return tomorrow) I shall be able to obtain letters for Wade, [1]  both to Ld Strangford, [2]  & to Mr. B. Frere, who will act as Ambassador till Ld S.s arrival at Constantinople, & as Secretary of Legation afterwards

[MS missing]

[MS missing] introduce Mr Tilbrooke, fellow of Peter-House, – [MS missing] a friend of mine, & as a patient angler, – who remembers it as one of the remarkable events of his piscatory life, having tasted the great pike which you caught in Derwentwater, & whom perhaps you may be able to befriend in his [MS missing] amusement.

[MS missing]

Excuse the haste in which I write, & believe me, with the kindest remembrances to all your family

My Dear Sir

Your obliged friend

Robert Southey.


* MS: Beinecke Library, GEN MSS 298, Series I, Box 1, folder 49. ALS; 3p.
Note on MS: The MS comprises two fragments; these are detached from one another, but the content suggests that they are from the same letter.
Note on correspondent: Identified by the contents, which clearly refer to Browne and his family.
Dating note: Dating from Southey’s accounts of his movements on his visit to London and Cambridge in 1820. BACK

[1] Wade Browne’s son, Wade Browne (1796–1851), who was travelling in Europe and the Near East. BACK

[2] Percy Smythe, 6th Viscount Strangford (1780–1855; DNB), Ambassador to Portugal 1808–1814, Sweden 1817–1820 and the Ottoman Empire 1820–1824. BACK

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