3489. Robert Southey to [Richard Heber] [29 May 1820]

3489. Robert Southey to [Richard Heber] [29 May 1820] ⁠* 

15. Q Anne Street. Monday Morning

My dear Sir

I received your first communication when I was on the point of setting out for Cambridge; & as you desired an answer by the 2d I took time for deliberation & advice. Upon due consideration it appears to me that I ought not to decline the proffered honour. [1]  I would not willingly be thought <supposed> to undervalue such things; still less should I like to be thought insensible of an act of kindness. You will believe me when I say that Alma Mater in thus recognizing a truant son [2] will gives me a pleasure greater both in greater pleasure than the honour itself under other circumstances could possibly have occasioned.

Have the goodness to inform me on what day I should be at Oxford. [3] 

& believe me my dear Sir

with much respect

your obliged & obedient

Robert Southey.


* Endorsement: Southey
MS: Bodleian Library, MS Eng. Lett. d. 215. ALS; 2p.
Dating note: Dated by the content, which indicates that this was written on Monday 29 May. BACK

[1] The University of Oxford wished to confer an honorary Doctorate of Civil Law upon Southey. BACK

[2] Southey had been a student at Balliol College, Oxford, 1792–1794, but had left without taking a degree. BACK

[3] The ceremony took place in the University’s Sheldonian Theatre on 14 June 1820. BACK

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