3494. Robert Southey to Wade Browne [fragment], 19 June 1820

3494. Robert Southey to Wade Browne [fragment], 19 June 1820⁠* 

Streatham. 19 June. 1820

My dear Sir

I send you two letters for my friend Wade, [1]  – one to the Minister at Constantinople – the other to the Secretary of Legation. They are both from my Uncle, & I believe it would not be possible to obtain a better introduction than his name will carry with it both to Ld Strangford [2]  & to Bartholomew Frere. But it is better to have too many than too few, & before I leave town it will be in my power to send you a second packet.

You will have seen that I have been L.L.D’d at Oxford, [3]  an honour which adds these letters to my title-pages, but nothing to my name, there being already one Doctor in the family. My reception at Oxford was in the highes[MS missing] degree flattering – so much so as to have made me wish at the time that those who are near & dear to me had been present to have witnessed it [MS missing] How the children would have been astonished to see me in a crimson gown with rose-coloured-silk sleeves & a beef-eaters hat!

I shall set out on my return on Wednesday the 28th. Oh how heartily glad I shall be to feel myself once more at home & at rest! I may truly <say> that the quietest time which I have past since I left your hospitable roof, has been when I was actually upon the road. – Out to breakfast, out to dinner, day after day has been the course of my life, & all day long upon the pavement or the road. You may well suppose that I am miserably tired.

Remember me most kindly to Mrs Browne & your daughters [4]  [remainder of MS missing]


* MS: British Library, Add MS 47891. AL; 2p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] Wade Browne (1796–1851), only son of Wade Browne and later a country gentleman at Monkton Farleigh in Somerset. He had graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1819 and was travelling in Europe and the Near East. BACK

[2] Percy Smythe, 6th Viscount Strangford (1780–1855; DNB), Ambassador to Portugal 1808–1814, Sweden 1817–1820 and the Ottoman Empire 1820–1824. BACK

[3] Southey was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Civil Law by the University of Oxford on 14 June 1820. BACK

[4] When he stayed with the Brownes on his way to London, Southey met two of Wade Browne’s daughters, probably Sarah and Mary (dates unknown). BACK

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