3502. Robert Southey to Henry Crabb Robinson, 28 June [1820]

3502. Robert Southey to Henry Crabb Robinson, 28 June [1820]⁠* 

My dear Sir

I would have seen you before I left town, if this fiery weather would have allowed me to take one step more than was absolutely necessary. – I send you therefore a packet of letters which I have not opened, – they were written to Dr Cowan. [1] 

To night thank God I take my departure. What with packing & with heat my hand shakes so as to make hasty writing scarcely legible. – Let me hear from you at your leisure, – farewell, & believe me

yrs faithfully

Robert Southey.

Wednesday 28 June.


* Address: To/ H. C. Robinson Esqre/ Kings Bench Walk/ Temple
Endorsements: Southey; 1820
MS: Princeton University Library, in a graingerised copy of A. M. Broadley, “The two scribbling Mrs. P.P.’s” The Intimate Letters of Hester Piozzi and Penelope Pennington, 1788–1821 edited by Oswald Knapp. Extra-illustrated by the addition of the 198 Holograph Letters of Mrs. Piozzi, wholly or partially published in the text, together with a large number of other Letters, Poems, Anagrams, Epigrams, and Prologues by Mrs. Piozzi; a series of Important Letters by Mrs. Pennington; numerous Letters and Portraits of other Persons referred to in their Correspondence, and over 300 Contemporary Views and Caricatures collected and arranged by A. M. Broadley, 6 vols (The Knapp, Bradpole, Bridport, Dorset, 1914), vol. 1, between pp. 26–27. ALS; 4p.
Dating note: The letter is dated ‘1820’ in another hand; this is confirmed by the reference to Cowan who had offered Southey letters sent to him by Elton Hamond (see Southey to Henry Crabb Robinson, 2 February 1820, Letter 3431). BACK

[1] Dr A. Cowan, otherwise unidentified, who had previously offered Southey letters by Hamond in his possession; see Southey to Henry Crabb Robinson, 2 February 1820, Letter 3431. Southey was considering whether to edit Hamond’s papers for publication. BACK


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