3530. Robert Southey to Leland Noel, [19 September 1820]

3530. Robert Southey to Leland Noel, [19 September 1820]⁠* 

Dear Sir

Will you & your brother [1]  dine with us on Thursday at four o clock?

Yrs truly

R Southey.

Tuesday Morning.


* Address: To/ The Honble Leland Noel
MS: Fales Library, New York University. ALS; 2p. (c).
Dating note: Dating from content; the Noels dined with Southey on Thursday 21 September; see Southey to Henry Herbert Southey, 19 September 1820, Letter 3532. BACK

[1] Baptist Wriothesley Noel (1798–1873), later an evangelical clergyman at St John’s Chapel, Bedford Row, 1827–1848, and then a Baptist Minister. BACK


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