3583. Robert Southey to Grosvenor Charles Bedford, 16 December 1820

3583. Robert Southey to Grosvenor Charles Bedford, 16 December 1820⁠* 

My dear G.

Thinking that you may like to see the inclosed letter, [1]  which will sufficiently explain itself, I send it open to you, instead of sealing it for the twopenny post, – to which you will consign it when you have read it at leisure. It is written to a youth, quite uneducated, but of great genius, & half mad with poetry. He tells me he is in a hard, but no ways lucrative employment. [2] 

I am going to dine with our new Vicar. [3] Goodenoughs brother-in-law. Pardon So if a letter from you should arrive by this days post you will understand why it is not acknowledged. More hexameters tomorrow [4] 

God bless you


16 Dec. 1820


* Address: To/ G. C. Bedford Esqre/ Exchequer
Endorsement: 16. Dec. 1820/ with a lre to Mr J.A. Heraud/ Coney Street
MS: Bodleian Library, MS Eng. Lett. d. 47. ALS; 2p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] The enclosure was Southey to John Abraham Heraud, 16 December 1820, Letter 3584. BACK

[2] Heraud worked in the business owned by his father, James Abraham Heraud (d. 1846), as a law stationer, selling papers and forms to lawyers and making copies of legal documents. BACK

[3] James Lynn (1776–1855), Perpetual Curate of Strood 1805–1814, Rector of Caldbeck 1814–1820, Vicar of Crosthwaite, Keswick, 1820–1855; he had married Charlotte Alicia Goodenough (1782–1822) in 1805. Her father, Samuel Goodenough (1743–1827; DNB), was Bishop of Carlisle 1808–1827, which may well explain Lynn’s appointment to Crosthwaite. BACK

[4] A Vision of Judgement (1821). BACK

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