3691. Robert Southey to Charles Watkin Williams Wynn, 2 June 1821

3691. Robert Southey to Charles Watkin Williams Wynn, 2 June 1821⁠* 

My dear W.

It was 200£ which Murray gave me for the Life of Nelson. [1]  He offered me 100 to enlarge the paper in the Review so as to make a little volume of it. Thinking this might be soon done, I accepted the offer, – & found what I ought to have foreseen, that the sketch of a book cannot be filled up like the outline of a picture. Two volumes were produced instead of one. He paid me the hundred & said he hoped the sale of the work would enable him to triple that sum; – but a second hundred when the second edition was published is all that I have received.

The lives which I xxx wrote for the QR. are one day to form part of a series of British Lives for which he will pay me 500£ an 8vo volume. I am now finishing one of Oliver Cromwell. [2]  Some day I will send you the proposed list for your consideration & advice.

I believe Murray will publish a Collection of our Historical Memoirs. - [3] 

God bless you


I have no intention of moving southward this year, being far too busy.

June 2. 1821.


* Address: To/ C W Williams Wynn Esqre M.P./ Whitehall/ London
Stamped: KESWICK/ 298
Postmark: FREE/ 3 JU 3/ 1821
MS: National Library of Wales, MS 4813D. ALS; 2p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] Southey’s Life of Nelson (1813), an expansion of his article in Quarterly Review, 3 (February 1810), 218–262. BACK

[2] Southey’s ‘Life of Cromwell’, Quarterly Review, 25 (July 1821), 279–347. Southey did not turn this review into a book, or write a series of ‘British Lives’. BACK

[3] Murray did publish Charles Butler’s Historical Memoirs Respecting the English, Irish and Scottish Catholics from the Reformation to the Present Time (1821), but did not proceed with a ‘Collection of … Historical Memoirs’. BACK

People mentioned

Murray, John Samuel (1778–1843) (mentioned 2 times)